How To Create A Liquid Donut Using X-particles And Octane

Markus Gonser shows how you can create a mesmerizing liquid donut with X-Particles in C4D.

A liquid donut? What is that exactly, but I am not sure. Markus Gonser shares his tutorial for creating one! Colorful particles swirl and flow all within an encapsulating torus shape with a sweet taste of creativity on your tongue as you watch it form before being delighted by these magical visuals in front of your very eyes.

Rising up from the bottomless hole at its center like a towering skyscraper while also resembling some sorta fruity lava lamp…or maybe if we turn this upside down then yes—maybe even pizza dough would make sense now too.

Combine Different Fluids With X-Particles.

Learn how to create a fluid effect that’s both realistic and appealing in this tutorial. You’ll learn about combining different types of simulations, as well as their effects on an object– including water-like behavior!

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