How To Create A Looping Camera Shake Effect In Cinema 4D

CG Shortcuts shows how to use a motion camera and clips to make looping camera shake.

One of the most defining characteristics and focal points in animation is its ability to capture movement. It’s no surprise then, that there are many different ways for animators working with traditional 2D drawings on paper as well those who create 3D models using software such as Cinema 4D or Maxon C4 Digital Designer (MFD).

One way that handheld cameras can enhance your shots is by adding energy into them without resorting too much detail; they also allow you more creative freedom when it comes time for post production since we know these types camera motions will be added later anyways!

This will be a great tutorial for anyone looking to add realistic camera shake in their work. Bergin says that they’ll use the Motion Camera in C4D and lots of motion clips, which you can download as well!