How To Create A Low-poly Model From A Scanned Asset In Maya

Daryl Obert, Autodesk Maya’s Director of Product Management for VR/AR projects is taking on another big task. He has started working with streaming content and creating low poly models that do not look like their counterparts (high resolution version). This new process will be much easier in his opinion because there are some refinements he found within Modeling Toolkit 2018 which make the entire modeling experience smoother than before; it takes less time too!

Daryl walks through how you can create a low-poly model from an accurate high resolution one, using the new Quad Draw features in 2018. The process is relatively simple, using Multi Cut and unfolding UV’s for cutting out complex objects like Daryl has done here with his 3D scan of this old house that’s being restored to its original state!

Then, once the high-resolution texture is baked down to its low resolution version and all of that detail captured in it.