How To Create A More Flexible Auto-spin Expression In Maya

Mateusz Matejczyk shows how to create an auto-spin expression in Maya that works better when you change attributes over time.

If you are looking to keyframe an auto-spin, it’s best that the rotation speed can be controlled using percentage values. For example if I wanted my Character model’s Y Axis (the thing spinning around) spin at 50% every second for five seconds then multiply her render time by 2 = 20000/5 which comes out being10000 frames per second or 1000 teaspoons of sugar in each cup!

Need to Key the Speed?

In this tutorial, Mateusz shows how to create a more flexible auto-rotate expression. He starts by revealing the secrets of speed sensitivity in SpinAnimator 3’s expressions and gives you some examples on using it correctly so that your animations will work as expected when keyed with different speeds!

About the Mateusz Matejczyk, the Tutorial Author

Mateusz Matejczyk is a Senior Character TD / R&D for Platige Image. He has worked on games such as Bloodborne, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Batman Arkham Knight to name just few of his credits!
Mate also created the popular Dark Souls III character Gen sufficiently detailed enough based off notes from From Software’s Hiroki Kikuchi which was used in many facets including combat animations when they were present during production process at Ebbsfleet studio where I work.