How To Create A Particle Portal Effect In Maya

Reza Sarkamari shows an easy way to create a portal effect using nParticles in Maya

A new tutorial from VFX artist and trainer Reza Sarkamari shows how you can create what is now pretty much a “standard” portal effect that we’re all familiar. The video covers working with Maya’s nParticles, Curve Flow software for drawing custom particles or adding trails behind moving objects in 3D space as well as other features like emitters to make things be emitted out of portals themselves.,

A great way to get an introduction into these tools would be his own series on Youtube which has been uploaded numerous times since late 2017 where he offers many useful lessons about them – https://www2-youtube—com/profile.

The Particle Portal Effect

NParticles are all the rage in modern computer graphics. The old particles system, MASH or Bifrost may seem like a simple replacement for them but they’re still one of fastest ways to produce effects with Maya’s built-in tools! What makes these new Particle Systems better? It’s their ability create secondary layers that emit from your original particle object–and this tutorial will teach you how it works step by step.”

Nparts can be used as both regular mesh objects within another scene file (for example Hair Glitter.

About Reza Sarkamari

Reza Sarkamari is a Maya Certified Professional, and has nearly two decades of experience in the industry. He also holds an Adobe certification for his expertise with other software suites like Photoshop or Illustrator as well!