How To Create A Portal Effect With Particles And Mash

Phil Radford shows how to create a classic portal effect using Maya’s motion graphics toolkit and particles.

Portals are a common occurrence in movies, but what is it that makes them so special? Scientist and educator Phil Radford takes us through the process of creating your own with this latest tutorial. He begins by explaining how to create various types effects like blurs or temporal anomalies before moving onto more complex things such as portals themselves – which may be one way you could make an escape from those evil robots!

The following passage discusses scientist/teacherPhil’s newest video about making “portal” type animations using Autodesk Maya.

Radford creates engaging content for Maya users through his tutorial series. His latest post, “How To Create A Smoke Ring Using The Bifrost Aero Solver In Mayas MASH Toolkit” demonstrates how to create a smoke ring in the form of an encoded portal by following these three easy steps:
1.) Place your rings on their own layer above all other layers so they don’t get mixed together accidently while editing later; 2a Set up nParticles throughout with variations that cycle between thick and thin opacity as well as mode Alpha Cutoff value presets or custom settings per user preference.