How To Create A Procedural Burning Effect In Cinema 4d

If you’re looking for some new 3D modeling techniques, then look no further than C4D. This video will show how to create a real-time interactive burning effect that can be used in just about any scene!

From the Patreon Channel of Merk Vilson, a look into creating an effect that can be used in movies and video games. This tutorial shows how artists create realistic looking fire for scenes where they need to show something being burned from scratch by showing off some techniques you may not have known existed before!

The system works based off any geometry that intersects, affecting a collision deformer. Weight Maps drive some of the effects like shaders through using C4D’s Tension Tag in an alpha channel for materials with procedural burning which streamsline to R20’s new fields but this workflow can be streamlined even further by linking it all together so you don’t have multiple pipelines running simultaneously across different software applications.

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