How To Create A Procedural Flagpole And Flag In Houdini

Simon Verstraete shows how to model and simulate a flag on a flagpole in Side FX Houdini

A new tutorial from Simon Houdini (Simon Verstraete) shows how you can make a procedural flagpole and waving in the wind-simulating.
A video showcasing this incredible work is now live on YouTube, check it out here: https://www1/ 2 5 4 /2 7 3 8 9 6 1 8 7 b – gs.

The tutorial covers creating a base setup for the flag so that it is easy to tweak the size, for example. You can quickly get to this node and play around with values without having any knowledge or experience in 3D modeling programs like SketchUp® Pro/ITE&Xpress® If you’re new here then I recommend checking out my Getting Started video series! It will teach all about how3d modeling works as well important concepts such as import & export options – they are available on YouTube too.