How To Create A Real-time Animated Sword Trail In Blender

Pierrick Picaut’s art is heavily influenced by video games, which he uses to create the game-friendly real time sword trails in this piece.

How to create a sword trail in Blender and your favorite game engine. Animator Pierrick Picaut shows us how he does it with this real-time, two part tutorial that covers creating the mesh for an animated effect as well as rigging up the fire mask so you don’t get incinerated while playing around on gamedevs forums!

About Pierrick Picaut

What is it that Pierrick Picaut does? He’s a blender trainer and director at Atypique Studio, an indie game studio in France. The Blender Foundation certified instructor creates deep-dive tutorials for industry standard workflows using the popular open source 3D modeler software on YouTube! You can check out more of his videos here if you haven’t already seen them all–and there are plenty with over 600k views between them!