How To Create A Realistic Vhs Glitch With Nuke

Chris Turner shows how to create an amazingly authentic-looking VHS glitch effect using Nuke.

Chris Turner is a Visual effects compositor at ILM, and he has created an amazing-looking VHS glitch effect using Nuke. “This was something I’ve meant to put together for awhile now,” says Chris as we watch him walk through how it’s done in the video below!

After Effects plugins are great for recreating the VHS Glitch effect, but this Nuke tutorial shows how to do it all from scratch. In Part 1 of the video series we learn about getting your Machine code right and looking at some different ways you can make glitches with various tools in each app’s toolkit—from masks over keyframes down through effects underlays or generatrixes that were popular back when these videos were recorded! We’ll also go over using probability maps as one way to randomize animation speeds without changing their duration if our goal here isn’t simply create a fast-paced chaotic mess like what was seen on MTV during Yoghurt.