How To Create A Shine Effect Without Shine

Noble Kreative shows how to make a shine effect in Ae without Trapcode Shine.

A new tutorial from Najib Khayati (Noble Kreative) shows Ae users how to get started creating motion graphics in After Effects. A lot of them show off these complex effects using only their typical third party tools counterparts, so it’s always nice when he creates tutorials for beginners like us! In this one specific case there was no need because the default features inside any program do most things that we might want done anyway – but what if you don’t know which ones they are? Then this article will help save your day by providing insights into ways certain tasks can be accomplished quickly and easily with just a few clicks.

In this tutorial, we’ll be animating type in After Effects while using a gradients to set the focus. The shine part comes from using CC Radial Fast Blur which is bundled with AE! In the end you will get an elegant golden sheen without having to pay for it (though if money’s no object then go ahead and buy it).