How To Create A Simple House In Blender (Beginner House Timelapse Tutorial)

By Thilakanathan Studios

In this Blender house modeling timelapse tutorial, learn how to create a simple home from scratch and then watch it come alive in front of your very eyes. You’ll be armed with the knowledge necessary for any kind of architectural project!

The first thing we need is some basic understanding about how graphics work – including something called physics simulation or collision detection between different objects on screen at once (we won’t get too into detail here). From there our next step will involve importing 3D models into blender so they can be used withinscenes as textures; After loading up one such file called “Archipack”, which enables us access time consuming tasks like generating walls quickly without ever leaving our workspace.

We’ll explore how to set up materials and textures, as well as render a scene with the house in Cycles.