How To Create A Snowflake Generator In Houdini

Daniel de Carvalho shows a quick setup to create a detailed snowflake generator in Houdini.

The Carvalho VFX team has created a new tutorial that will show you how to make your own procedural snowflake generator in Side FX Houdini. You can control the details of each flake, including size and shape! The video is 11 minutes long but it’s definitely worth checking out if you have any interest whatsoever with this topic.”

This tutorial will show you how to take your new snowflake designs and create an entire winter wonderland in just 30 minutes.

About Daniel de Carvalho.

Daniel de Carvalho is a seasoned FX Technical Director/Houdini Generalist who has been working in the South of England for years.
In this interview, he talks about how to become an entry-level or experienced fx technical director and generalist with his insights into what it takes and where you can find opportunities as well as giving advice on getting started from home!