How To Create A Soft Body Effect In After Effects

Creative Dojo shows how you can create a soft body effect using CC Smear in After Effects.

Soft and furry creatures live in a world of their own. They’re not real, but you can create them with the help from Ae scripts or motion design programs like Adobe After Effects! In this article I’ll show how to make your character have an almost computer generated look using Cinema Creative Cloud’s Smear Tool.

CC Smear for a Soft Body Look.

The tutorial covers how you can fake a soft, color- bleeding distortion effect in After Effects. The technique is versatile enough to create some fluid-like movements anywhere on your animation timeline! To get started with this process for CC Smear just select the layer where it will appear by clicking once at any time while holding down either Ctrl or Command key (depending what’s available); then choose “Effect > Other…” from menu bar options presented below screen including “Smooth”, which does exactly what its name suggests – prevents jagged edges when using certain filters…
The General tone/Input.

The magician VinhSon teaches us a fun trick with the elastic animation. He attributes it to Hieu Vu, who once showed him how one could rig this effect up for different expressions and other effects in order streamline their whole performance!