How To Create A Vellum Grains Tearing Effect

When Side FX Houdini users want a tearing effect, they should turn to Vellum Grains. This paper-like material allows for the development of tears and creases in your images that are perfect both intentionally or unintentionally!

Tying in with Krishna Bala’s new tutorial on Houdini (Resilient Picture Company), this article will introduce you to the Vellum solver. It can handle cloth, hair and soft bodies but what makes it stand out are its capabilities for grains simulation within an effect called Tearing which she created herself!
The output should be more engaging than just providing information about how-to use various tools or features that already exist within programs.

A Tear Effect for Any Object

The tutorial covers the settings within Vellum and offers some tips while working with a couple of scenarios. Bala makes note that he encountered other resources when trying to figure out how it all worked, too – one being an instructional video from Entagma about setting up grains in five minutes time! His examples take simulation into Houdini software before getting rendered through Redshift render engine then composited using After Effects CS5+ or higher for final output depending on what you last chose at export stage (Davinci Resolve may also come into play).