How To Create A Walk Cycle Procedurally In Maya

The process for making a procedural walk cycle in Maya is shown by David Palley.

Walk cycles are the backbone of any animation. They give your character life and make them feel like they’re living, breathing beings with feelings that change according to their environment or moods (or even just passing time). But if you want something different than what comes naturally-like an automatic walk cycle without having to draw every frame by hand; then this tutorial is for YOU!
Curious about how David Palley created his Procedural Animated Walk Cycles? Watch him show off in detail so far on one video page after another – it’s really interesting stuff.

Creating a Walk Cycle Procedurally

In Palley’s latest tutorial series, he covers how to create a basic control setup. The first part dives into connecting the controls for an ant that doesn’t have legs–a non-bipedal character! In other videos we’ll see how animations work with just one foot forward and then backwards as well as when walking on all four feet at once (heel/toenails).

About David Palley

David Palley creates the Point on Palley channel tutorials videos. He’s a Character Rigging Lab Specialist at Full Sail University and freelance character TD, responsible for rigging everything from humans to aliens in video games like Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare or Star Wars Battlefront II—among many others!