How To Create A Word-cloud In Fusion

A Blackbird Called Sue shows how to make a word-cloud effect in Fusion working with Duplicate 3D.

If you thought that making a word-cloud effect with Fusion would require particles, then check out this latest tutorial from A Blackbird Called Sue. The skillset for creating these types of graphics can be found in the 3ds Max program and not Particles!.
It only takes one person who knows what they are doing to create something gorgeous like an elegant stemmed wine glass!

The tutorial uses Fusion within Davinci Resolve, which is a video editing app. You can choose to use particles if you wanted more of an artistic look rather than visual effects work – though the output would be similar in both cases due to how these tools are used for different reasons (elements like textiles or presets). It’s fast enough for commercials but also has features built specifically with motion designers who feel they’ve outgrown Ae at their own pace.