How To Create Abstract Images With Nuke Particles And Geometry

Compositor Josh Parks Shows How to Create MoGraph-Like Elements With Nuke Particles, Geometry and Grade Nodes.

VFX Artist and Compositor Josh Parks offer some insights into a project of his that uses Nuke to generate stylish abstract images with clear references to popular motion graphics styles. A quick look at the video below will give you an idea as how he achieved this: “This month I wanted create some cool looking fractals in photoshop,” says Parks, “so today we’re going over my custom script for nviz.”

In Nuke, particles are used to add color and style. You might get a warm feeling inside from watching how this compositing tool with integrated unified 3D space operates. Although primarily known as high-end software for making motion graphic images, it’s interesting see what can be done using nodes in a node-based workflow!

Josh Parks is a London based compositor who specializes in the art of composite, roto prep and python scripting. He has worked on films such as 3D World Magazine covers alongside feature films like Star Trek Into Darkness.

Parks moved into these fields after starting out at Dreamworks Animation where he was able to gain experience with Nuke by working on Kung Fu Panda 2 among other projects for companies including ILM/DNEG/MPC before joining Blue Bolt Ltd., which became his home base when it comes down to doing what matters most: creating beautiful visuals through post-production magic! His work can be seen across many sites including cgterrorists Tumblr blogsite.