How To Create An Animated 3d Sphere In Ae Easily

To create the 3D sphere, Valeri Visuals used native effects.

One of the benefits that comes with effects and composition in After Effects, like having procedural-like systems where things can update down chain. A great example would be creating an animated 3D sphere!

This tutorial from Valeri Hudedatov (Valeri Visuals) shows how you can create a sphere of dots in After Effects and animate those dots to create an exciting effect. This is great for making your video more creative or adding motion where there was none before! In addition, the project also uses some CC Sphere effects as well as Grid Glow 2D Transitions 3D Engines Chroma Key LUT colour libraries that are worth checking out if they suit what kind of animations work best with this particular technique on top our download link below so keep scrolling down 😉