How To Create An Animated Spirograph Effect In Ae

Creative Dojo shows how to create an animated spirograph effect with Ae.

Mathematics, formulaic plotting and nerdy expressions are ahead in Vinhson Nguyen’s latest tutorial that shows how you can create some amazingly intricate design patterns with After Effects. Since users have access to path properties through expression using more recent versions of Ae (version 15 or later), creating a spirograph effect has never been easier than before! This process involves accessing points on paths by using expressions while also taking advantage script capabilities for even greater control over their designs.

After Effects is a powerful tool for creativity, but it can be challenging to learn. One of the most popular tools in After Effects are path expressions – these let you build paths from an expression or point gesture with great ease! Vinhson walks through creating one that creates spirograph-like designs quickly and easily on any object without having to worry about animating individual animation frames yourself (though if this sounds like what interests you there’s also free presets available). So check out his tutorial over at Creative Dojo where he goes into detail about how they work; then download yours today !

Want to make your own spirograph animations? Well, here’s how. This tutorial is not the only one that covers working with expression in Ae and creating these looping designs for animation or design purposes. A while back VFX artist Chetal Gazdar showed us how you could convert an After Effects’ expressions into vector shapes so as he has done before apply his technique on another project-a short video demo reel showcasing some really cool visual effects chet had made using this method of converting Expressions within Adobe Illustrator File formats onto solid graphics objects ready -to be used inside any 3D app where polygons are needed up front rather than hidden.