How To Create An Animated Squiggle In After Effects

Evan Abrams Shows How to Easily Create a Simple Squiggle Line in Ae Using Shape Layers.

It’s easy to create a wavy line using the Shape Layers workflow in After Effects. You can use Zig-Zags that are set with smooth points instead of corners for more natural motion and smoother animation, but it will take some thought if you want your squiggle (or anything else) animate like this tutorial does!

In today’s video Evan Abrams takes us through how he made his animated curve so we know exactly where its starting point is as well as an explanation on what makes up each element within these types of curves – both things I bet most people would never think about when designing their own animations.

Step one is to trim all of the paths so that they match up. Then, use an effect like the Wave Deformer to give your animation some movement and flair!

Evan makes the project file available for download, check that out here.