How To Create An Audio Visualizer In After Effects

Follow along with Noble Kreative to learn how you can make an audio visualizer in After Effects.

If you’ve ever desired to build an audio visualizer, this new tutorial will teach how without any premium plugins. The author of the video shows us step-by-step on creating one in After Effects and teaches its benefits as well!

Audio Visualizers in Multiple Forms.

This tutorial by Najib Khayati shows how to create 3D-looking elements in various forms with After Effects. While AE has Trapcode Particular and Form, all of which can produce some nice effects for designing worlds or visualizers; this technique uses only Ae native tools like Fractal Noise (a tried and true favorite), Card Dance expressions that we often use here at CompuCreate!

About Najib Khayati. 

Najib Khayati is the CEO and founder of Noble Kreative, Visual Artist, Motion Designer. You can help him by becoming a patron on Patreon!