How To Create An Easy Shrink-wrap Effect Using Ncloth

Amar Shinde shows how you can create an effective shrink-wrap effect using Maya nCloth in this tutorial.

A new tutorial from Reimagine FX, Amar Shinde shows how you can create a shrink-wrap effect using nCloth in Autodesk Maya. While there is no deformer for this type of animation with the software currently available to animators; it’s more practical than other options rather than being an Fx based feature similar as what’s found within many popular 3D graphics programs nowadays such as Softimage XSI or MAYA

nCloth Negative Pressure

When using negative values for nCloth attributes, Shinde shows how to quickly achieve the shrink-wrap look.

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Making use of nCloth’s various modeling, animation and motion graphics purposes is Reimagine FX’s forte. Their last tutorial was on how to create a pillow in Maya with easy-to-use pressure settings that are available to anyone who needs them!