How To Create An Electrical Effect With Blender

Iridesium Shows How to Create Dynamic Electrical Effect Using Blender.

you never know when you will need an electrical effect, and that’s why it’s a good idea to create your own. Watch this short 14-minute tutorial from Iridesium as they show how simple creating custom ones can be!
In the following video by designer/developer Joel Adams of www.(domain).com , he demonstrates one way for getting started with using Blender tools in order make those dynamic effects happen…

The system is made up of thin planes and uses displacements to create an irregular animation. He walks you through how to set up controllers for the effect, control it with weight painting techniques in order make your scene come alive!

Inspired by the latest in VFX, Joel always creates fantastic tutorials using Blender. His energy blasts and realistic clouds are some of his previous work that really highlights this program’s potential for anything you want it to be!