How To Create Animated Cloth In Cinema 4D

CG Shortcuts Has a Look at Creating Animated Cloth Using C4D’s Cloth Tag and Jiggle.

One of the most visually pleasing elements in cinema is cloth. With these types of effects, you can get fairly straightforward with C4D’s dynamics systems to create simulations for an abstract animated loop. Watch Dave Bergin walk viewers through this project step by step!

The tutorial covers using the cloth tag, and points out tips for working with cloth in C4D – so if you are new this is a great place to start. Most of the motion comes from using jiggle deformer which can be found within Simulation Tab on top menu bar under Dynamics Section when editing animated sequences or characters. The last CG Shortcuts video also dove into soft body dynamics by showing how they rigged up an animatied burger stack as it fell over at different speeds throughout its lifetime!

Shortcutters, creators of some interesting and creative projects such as the free project file for Adobe After Effects. A team effort with their own voice in mind!