How To Create Animated Dripping Type In After Effects

FloMotion will teach you how to create a wet animated dripping type effect in Ae.

When you want to create a more sophisticated look for your video, it’s time to do some dripping. A new tutorial by FloMotion’s Florian Fueger shows how simple techniques in After Effects make this effect achievable and even better looking than before!

Animated Dripping Type Using a Matte Choker.

The tutorial covers a 3 step process: How to liquify type, how to animate it and then finally an explanation of the melting. You will also learn some tips on what makes text “melting” in this particular style with special techniques that are exclusive for this specific look. As last but not least there is reflection lighting which produces highlights as well as specular reflections off surfaces like window panes or other objects around you!

The output should have clearly communicated information about each topic covered while staying engaging.