How To Create Animated Grain On A Single After Effects Layer

TipTuts shows how you can quickly get animated grain in Ae using roughen edges.

In need of a creative way to add that vintage effect into your work? Well, look no further! Matthew Fryer from TipTuts has the perfect solution with his new tutorial on creating moving grain in After Effects. He demonstrates how it’s possible using only one layer and some simple techniques for animating it over time periods as well as giving instructions about what settings should be used during playback so you can achieve this style without too much hassle or frustration.

Let’s take a look at how to create the roughened edges effect in Ae. This technique will let you add some nice looking grain and animation speed, without having to go through all those steps from before! Let’s see what we need first: First off is an animated logo or other media file which has been created with your desired motions applied so I can point out where these occur during my tutorial later on down below; then just open up one of our free trial videos under Media/Files –> Generate Video Frames Only (or click here) Once inside that dialog box make sure Select Animation Settings Are Set To Continuous And Ignore Loved Ones Along The Way.

Evan Abrams also took a look at the grains and tweaked them so they had an interesting, vibrant look.