How To Create Animated Real-time Dynamic Snow Effects In Blender

The CG Geek shows how to create a fantastic real-time dynamic snow effect.

The CG Geek Steve Lund breaks down his dynamic snow effects scene that he created in Blender. This tutorial covers using particle systems, Eevee and Dynamic Paint to create a beautiful display of falling icicles for your next winter wonderland!

Imagine what would happen if every snowflake was a painting. This is the premise of Snow Fall, where users can take control and create their own art work while manipulating particles in 3D space to build up layers that pile on top one another ad infinitum or just stay frozen as they fall from above depending upon how you want them too!

You’ll download your very own scene file once becoming my patron which includes all assets created during production such has maps with symbols corresponding each layer’s color; it also contains animations for when characters walk around (there are no interactive objects).