How To Create Animated Watercolor Textures In After Effects

Alice Markham shows you how to get a hand-drawn animated watercolor textured look in Ae.

If you want to create an animated watercolor effect in After Effects, Zulu8’s Alice Markham has some techniques that will help get your desired hand-drawn look. First off all she shows how it’s done by animating textures and alphas with the power of motion tweens!

Alice shows how to create a watercolor effect using alpha channels and luma mattes. She walks through the process, which includes animating your alphas with scripts so they change on every nth frame. In this way you can have something that looks like an oil painting but is actually made from still images!

In order for Alice’s demonstration of creating custom texture settings in Ae Soccer King Custom Animation Software III, she begins by making changes at default values before adding anything else into her project file—this will help save time later when it comes down exactly what needs adjusting where while following along step-by tow irelessly moving back.