How To Create Complex Procedural Material For Octane In C4d

You’ll learn how to create new materials that push the limits of Octane’s node system with New Plastic.

Octane is an amazing tool that allows artists to create complex, high-quality procedural content in seconds. This new tutorial from New Plastic shows how you can use it for making alien rock formations procedurally with Cinema 4D and Octane Render!

“We are going to push the node system of our favoriteRender engine so we can make some really unique looking materials,” says Guy Nguyen (NewPlastic).

New Plastic has many handy materials bundled you can download and use, found on his Gumroad store here. For example the tutorial uses a single Universal material that he then combines various noise nodes to create layered surface details as well as going over how quickly set up procedural rock models in Cinema4D which are changeable structures with just one click!