How To Create Custom Sculpting Brushes For Blender

Matthias Pieroth Shows How to Create Custom Sculpting Brushes With Blender 2.8.

With Blender 2.8 on the horizon, new interface panels and workflows are coming that will change how people use this software for years to come. With so many changes happening in a short amount of time it might take seasoned users some getting used too but here Matthias Pieroth helps us familiarize ourselves with sculpting mechanics as well as show beginners how they could make custom brush tools which is really useful!

Matthias shows how to use custom brushes in the video, and he walks through some of them. For example: You can select an existing brush as your template (like Matthius’ own sculpting pack) or create one from scratch which will be ready once you’ve configured it with settings like hair length/width speed etc..

Next up we have a preview image created by combining two different textures for variety – This way not only do we see what our new brush is going to look like but also get used feel more confident about using these tools on model faces.