How To Create Dimensionally Accurate Models In Blender

Chipp Walters shows how you can build dimensionally accurate models using Blender 2.90.

With Sketchup moving to an all subscription licensing scheme, there will undoubtedly be a lot of people looking for alternatives. While Blender might seem like the obvious choice – being able to create dimensionally accurate models comes naturally in this program- many users may not immediately know how–or have access too another software package if they do move over from SAO’s older modeler called “SketchUps”.

Accurate Models in Blender.

In this tutorial, Chipp Walters shows Sketchup users and others how to create dimensionally accurate models using Blender 2.90’s push-pull features.

About Chipp Walters.

Chipp Walters is an award-winning designer with credits in the fields of industrial and product design. His work has been featured on Apple, Sony, NASA as well as his most recent accomplishment: a historical Augmented Reality app based at The Alamo for museums across America to engage visitors more deeply through virtual reality technology.

Awards won by Chipp include two IDEXX awards (designing instrumentation systems), SND International Design Award among others such that he continues this trend today while working closely alongside clients including Toyota Research Institute where they push boundaries within AI research.