How To Create Dust Motes In Houdini

In this video, the Carvalho VFX team shows how they are able to create realistic dust motes in Side FX Houdini.

Carvelo Visual F/X provides guidance and training for those looking into expanding their skillsets beyond modeling or texturing but still want a comprehensive understanding of techniques that will take them through post production processes such as compositing and motion graphics.

The art of the film is not complete without dust motes. These microscopic specks on camera lenses and video screens give it an almost tangible realism that can’t be replicated with any other tool! Watch as master Degos artist Daniel de Carvalho shows us how to use points from volume, simple geometry, instancing in Houdini’s latest tutorial for some quick-and-easy animated effects accessed through your workstation at home or even hardware nodes if you’re feeling extra motivated (see what I did there?).

De Carvalho has a few other tutorials that will be worth checking out. For example, he shows how you can make rocks in Houdini quickly and easily as well an easy way to generate Procedural Palm Trees made from scratch with ease! You’ll also want check this one out if your looking for ways of generating animated Kaleidoscope patterns exploded on the spot – which is what they do best after all…

About Daniel de Carvalho.

Daniel de Carvalho is a FX Technical Director/Houdini Generalist who lives and works in the South of England.