How To Create Dynamic Text Bubbles In After Effects

You can create a dynamic text bubble in After Effects that is filled with different copies. There are many ways to do this but one way you might consider if for an animation, where the speech should flow from left to right and up while reading through it all at once gives us more room on screen than scrolling does.

This makes editing easier because if something goes wrong then our readers won’t get lost or skip any lines when they’re looking back over earlier material! A good place would either be as exposition during scenes rather than going off doing its own thing within other projects like commercials.

With these dynamic text bubbles, you can easily swap out text and have everything work automatically.

What is a dynamic motion graphic asset in After Effects? Dynamic, meaning that you can type text and the bubble will automatically alter its shape to fit the number of characters. How does this work exactly? Mikey Borup shows one way using expressions for various languages like English or French!

Once everything has been set up, making conversations between bubbles couldn’t be easier; just change which font/text color an expression takes effect on (depending if it’s male vs female), then watch out because your viewers won’t know what hit ’em when they’re reading through these messages from two people who are talking back & forth–it becomes really interesting due mainly do how interactive.