How To Create Easy Light Wrap In After Effects

Danasa Arsad shows how to make a fast and easy light wrap in Ae.

A light wrap can be one of the most vital elements in a composite, but it’s not always easy to make them. Luckily for us there is this new quick tip tutorial from ActionVFX and Danasa Arsad who show how you too with only few clicks of an button (or maybe even without) create fast-and-easy presets that’ll add your desired effect onto any footage!

You can add some extra depth to your compositing with a hard light wrap. The cool thing about it is that you don’t have to worry about blacking out the shadows of other images because they’ll be covered by this big white sheet! You just need a photo or video taken under normal lights in order for the effect work properly so make sure there’s no strong backdrops where anything else would show through, then click “Get Custom Preset” from here-and get creative today!.

It helps soften those harsh edges and gives both layers you’re compositin more realistic looking outcomes.