How To Create Edge Extension In Fusion

Vito LaManna Shows How to Create an Edge Extension in Fusion, Perfect for Fixing Keying Issues and Z-Depth Troubles

In this article, you will learn how to create a compositing edge extension in Nuke and transfer it over properly from Fusion. With the help of Vito LaManna at Con-Fusion c Kent Randall showed us his way around using their software so that we can handle these types of effects ourselves without having any technical knowledge or experience with other programs!

Laurent Detambel has been producing animations for more than 10 years now on projects such as Kya Touch Of Stone which was nominated twice Academy Awards among others things considered best visual achievement nominations etc…

It’s not just paint that brings life to your video! With the release of Fusion 9, there is now another way for you can create this effect. Using Channel Boolean node will allow users like Vito who are looking into learning how they make their own movie “Tears Of Steel” (a source-licensed animation) exhibit all its glory through an edge extension technique; with Alpha Divide’s help too come clean up any mistakes in post without having them stand out as bad frames or clips from other sources.
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