How To Create Floating Bubbles In Fusion Using Particles

Noah Hähnel shows how to work with particles in Fusion or Resolve to create floating bubbles

Noah Hähnel of Blackmagic Design has created an amazing tutorial that shows how to create a floating bubble effect using Davinci Resolve. The video covers what you need for this project, including some great information on particle simulation and 3D graphics creation in general!

The nodes in both Black Magic Design Fusion and Resolve are pCustom, which allows you to customize properties of an effect. The node also has a cousin called “pCustom Force” that will allow users more control over their forces inside the software with ease! Check out this tutorial from Noah showing how they work together-

About Noah Hähnel

Noah is a VFX Generalist living in Berlin, who creates visual effects for software and hardware tests. His work includes creating motion graphics as well!