How To Create Ghibli-style Trees In Blender

David Forest shows how to make those beautiful looking Ghibli-Style Trees in Blender.

Ever wanted to create your own style of anime? Now you can with the help from Lightning Boy Studios’ new tutorial. This guide will show how easy it is, and provide all needed information about creating stylized trees in this popular Japanese animation style!

This informative blog post comes straight out of Japan where they are known for their beautifully crafted animated films like Howl’s Moving Castle or Grave Of The Fireflies among others. And now even more people outside that country may want these types arts due t oan upcoming video course offered by lightning boy studios which teaches us everything we’ll need know before jumping into blending.

If you want to create the look of your favorite animated film, this video is for YOU! It teaches users how they can achieve an authentic-looking 3D model using just particles and shaders. You’ll also learn about creating trees in Ghibli’s style with Blender 2.83 here – it sounds like something every animation fan should know 🙂