How To Create Landscapes In Blender With Textures

Wayward Art Company has a look at creating procedural landscapes in Blender using textures.

Ever wonder how to get those highly-detailed landscapes in 3D? Sure, it’s typically a displacement but what about all the details you see on your screen when looking at an endless vista of mountains and valleys from far away.

Well thanks for asking! In this video from The Wayward Art Company they will teach us generating landscape using procedural textures which can create these types if scenery easily without having too many different mesh objects all over each other or not being able to render anything because there’s just way too much going on with some graphics cards out there right now…

Want to learn more about displacements in Blender? Have a look at this tutorial from Gleb Alexandrov who talks about using MicroPolygon Displacement and creating Procedural Stone.

If your Thursday is feeling too mundane, you can also check out these other two great tutorials on Sardi Pax’s YouTube channel: one that teaches how she created lakeside landscape scene with both real-time shadows as well as post effects like procedural textures throughout the water surface ,and another showing off just some examples of different types/sizes polyMesh shapes available within Cycles’ built-in Draw Modifier tool!