How To Create Line Waves In After Effects

Francisco Giordano shows how you can make and animate line waves in After Effects.

Joy Division’s classic album artwork for Unknown Pleasures is actually based on a real picture of radio waves from pulsar CP 1919. In 1979, creating the same type of landscape was probably more complicated than today in After Effects compositing software like Avid or Nuke because it required drawing lines with Adobe Illustrator instead over many hours using graphics tablets which had not yet been invented at this time period (1979).

Francisco Giordano, the man behind this tutorial just caught your attention with his awesome work. He shows how you can use expressions and displacement effects in After Effects to create dynamic line waves for any type of project! What are some tips from Francisco’s article?

About Francisco Giordano.

Giordano is a Motion Graphics Artist and Animator who specializes in After Effects Expressions. His work has been featured on Argentine television networks, cable stations across America as well as various international channels like CGTN (China Global Television Network).