How To Create Mountains In Blender With Modifiers

Christoph Werner shows how to create mountains in Blender dynamically using Modifiers.

Modifier are an interesting new addition to the Blender 2.8 update! They’re similar in function and effect as modifiers you may already be familiar with from other programs like 3ds Max, but they allow for more flexibility when working non-destructively because there’s no need for rendering previews or export passes through your final render files as often,

Just use whatever modifier suits best at any given time without worrying about what it will do later down the line. Check out this tutorial by Christoph Werner which shows how he used three different types of Modifiers: Object Orientation (rotate), Subsurface Scattering Transmission Bidirectional Reflectance Sampling And so much more!!!

It’s time to harness the power of Blender and create your very own mountain structures. The tutorial covers a variety of techniques, including how you can make them procedural too! Modifiers in this program seem way more intuitive than they used be on Max—you’ll find it easy as pie once you get started with these new features.