How To Create Mouth Rig With Slider Controls Using Duik

Motion Tutorials shows how to build a mouth rig that has a slider control using DUIK Bassel.

You might be surprised to know that there is a lot of information about After Effects in this package. Some people never take advantage of all the features, and so they’re missing out on some really great opportunities with their characters!

Take for instance how sliders allow us to create lip-sync animation from mouth rigs easily-I mean come one – who would have thought? Check it out yourself by watching my new tutorial over at Motion Tutorials Channel where I show exactly how easy creating these types parameters can actually get: https://www”

One of the more interesting features of After Effects is its ability to create animations with joysticks and sliders. One option for creating these types of rigs is Joysticks n’ Sliders, which offers a pose-based system that works well on facial modeling or character animation projects like stop staring.