How To Create Procedural Cartoon Skin Shader In Cinema 4D

New Plastic goes over how to create skin materials for cartoon characters using Octane.

A new tutorial has arrived to teach you how create your own cartoon skin shaders in Octane. The video is an easy and straightforward walkthrough that will have anyone with experience creating 3D models, like some form of C4D or any other program for mapping out layers on top one another extremely easily!

A little while ago there was a guide by new plastic (video below) teaching users about realistic looking human flesh using their custom 4th dimension printing technology called “C4DP”. Now we’ve got something entirely different: A complete rundown from start-to.

The process has many of the same elements as realistic skin, only without relying on image maps. “We’ll create light-skin, dark substance and moles; since there’s no texture to define it’s tone by means of map making this material will be fully procedural!”