How To Create Procedural Grass Clumps In Houdini For Unity

Indie-Pixel posts a series that looks into how to create a grass clump asset and scattering system using Houdini and Houdini Engine for Unity.

Making games has never been easier! The latest tutorial from indie-pixel is a practical guide on how to create your own procedural grass clump in Houdini and Unity.

You’ll learn about creating a scattering system for terrains using the engine, with all of this done through one easy process that anyone can follow–it doesn’t require any previous knowledge either so it’s perfect if you’re just getting started or want an update after playing around with some other software like Game Maker Studio 2
2D Pixel Art

The tutorial covers how to create a single blade of grass as well, and then expands that into clumps. The blades become assets complete with an scattering system inside game engines like Unity! “You will get all end-to-end workflow for creating procedural static mesh materials on top of cellular automata styled ones,” says Indie Pixel about their video series in this article’s title.”