How To Create Rendertime Bevels Using Arnold Round Corners

Digital Creator School has a look at creating bevels and rounded edges at render time using the Arnold Round Corners node.

Bevels and rounded edges ground a hard surface model in realism. A beveled edge will catch the light, helping to define its forms while also creating soft corners at the geometry level which can lead to higher polygon counts for future scenes or even other models if necessary! But you don’t always have to go through every single edge physically- most renderers offer an easy way around this by letting users add their own customized shape using different tools found within them (Arnold being no exception).

Lucas Ridley from Digital Creator School fame breaks down how this works in Maya using Arnold. The Node appears to round out edges by modifying the shading normals near their exterior boundaries, which saves valuable modeling time when bevels aren’t modeled for a hard surface model with rounded corners and no sharp points where it would need them simulated explicitly as in our case here since we’re just trying simulate an appearance rather than creating something practical or functional like furniture at least not yet anyway!