How To Create Screw Threads In Maya

Elementza shows a fast way to create screw threads along with the corresponding counterparts in Maya

For modelers, a gentle balance between ease and speed generally dictates workflow. When it comes to creating screw threads in Maya (and any other program), you could probably use one of the many methods out there but some things like this would take forever while others only require minimal effort or time at all!

Mario Brajdich has created an awesome tutorial that shows how he models spiral-like patterns along with their corresponding counterparts using just 3 different tools: cylinder shapes for bodies of threading material; helixes which can wrap around them easily enough if needed be since they have both 360 degree rotation capability as well as being able extend infinitely outward without getting too close together on either side so no matter what angle.

Mario shows how to minimize the amount of work required for an excellent clean result. This free tutorial is from Elementza’s 3D Modeling in Maya course, which costs around $20 – a pretty good value based on those preview videos alone! Check out their site at elementza maya book to learn more.