How To Create Steam With Mantaflow In Blender

One of the best ways to show how you can create rising steam for your coffee cup using Mantaflow in Blender is with this video.

A new tutorial from the Blender Made Easy Channel shows how you can make your coffee mug steaming hot in an instant. The effect is created by using native-controls for Mantaflow, which creates that rising steam and makes everything look much more realistic than before!

But wait there’s more…you also get smoke simulations too; it’s not all automated like some other programs might do (though these are still pretty easy). So if someone hands over their cup with milk or sugar already added then all they need to do next time round is press play on this video – because we’ll take care of creating both substances right here together .

Mantaflow in Blender

Mantaflow is a new fluid system for Blender that can replace the existing one and handle gas, smoke, fire or liquid simulations. It comes from an open-source framework developed by Games Engineering Group at Technical University Munich (TUM).