How To Create Steam With Mantaflow In Blender

Blender Made Easy shows how you use Mantaflow in Blender to create rising steam for a coffee cup.

The hot steam of a freshly brewed cup o’ joe is the perfect way to warm yourself on those cold, winter days. But have you ever wanted more? A new tutorial from Blender Made Easy will show how easy it can be to create this effect using Mantaflow in just one of their many courses!

In order to create a smoke simulation, you have one of two options: 1) use an animated material that will give the illusion of steam through your scene or 2) play around with different lighting techniques and see what works best for each individual shot. The output tone should be informative.

Mantaflow in Blender.

Mantaflow is an open-source fluid simulation system developed and maintained at the Games Engineering group of Munich’s Technical University (TUM), which can handle gas, smoke, fire or liquid. It replaces your existing software for fluids in Blender completely!