How To Create Zbrush Claymation Animation

Alexander Lee Walks through the process to create a stop-motion claymation animation effect using Zbrush.

The use of Zbrush for Stop-motion Animation is an increasingly popular trend. The tool’s sculpting capability makes it a perfect fit, with its unmatched quality to animation or any other form that requires detail work.

ZBrush offers no specific toolsets related specifically towards stop motion however one can still make their own claymation look by using the capabilities within this program as demonstrated beautifully through Alexander Lee’s talk at IFFC Online 2020 where he creates stunning imagery from start -to-finish.

Each Frame as a Different Mesh.

The sculpting process of Lee requires the creation and modification of a mesh for each frame. This allows him to add motion blur or smearing as animation cues, which is not possible with traditional techniques where everything has been created once at inception stage. Dynamesh also provides some interesting intersections between parts from various animations being worked on together- this feature preserves expressiveness throughout all stages in an animatic editor’s life cycle!

The rigging software used by Alexander exports rigged character rigs right onto ZBrush so you can create over them like any other model without worry about constraints (though most 2D artists will use these tools instead if necessary).

About Alexander Lee.

Alexander Lee is an experienced game developer, specializing in the fields of animation and technical design. He currently works for Survios as Senior Technical Artist where he creates characters that are both visually compelling to watch but also have rich gameplay interactions within VR environments.”