How To Crumple Paper In Blender With A Cloth Sim

CGMatter shows a fast way to create crumpled paper in Blender by using cloth simulation.

One of the best things about Blender is that it’s incredibly flexible. A great exampleof this new tutorial from CGMatter, who shows how to crumple paper in blender! You might think there isn’t much involved to not only create a crumpled piece but also animate it getting brittle and then breaking apart into pieces- which can be accomplished with just one simple step: use cloth simulation for your project needs !

One problem many people have when using 3D software such as Maya or Sketch.

CGMatter shows how you can affect a sheet of 3D paper (a plane) by using Animation 2.0 as an animated collision object for cloth simulation in Blender! With some modifications to some settings, this result is quite good; while on the subject of crushing things? You should definitely check out tutorials such as Sardi Pax’s who showed similar techniques only with bones and deformers create crushed cans like there was no tomorrow!.